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Please press "Directions" on the map to enter the delivery address to determine your distance from us

Free Delivery After 4:30pm with a minimum order of $40. For delivery orders outside 5 km radius, $5.00 delivery fee may be applied to your order. Click the phone number below to call us for a fast and tasty dinner delivered right to your door.

We believe delivery orders should be as tasty as dine in, and it all depends on the timing and driving stability. That's why our in house delivery drivers are professional, class 5 drivers with good knowledge of the Victoria/ Royal Oak area. We only give out food to drivers we can count on! 

Love to plan ahead of time? We would love to take the last minute stress off your shoulders too! Call us during the opening hours to place a pre-order! 

Please note that drivers may not carry more than $20 in change.

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